About us

From our love for sports. That’s how we were born. Bohemia Adventure is a team led by Tomáš Kobes, an Olympic slalom canoeist and World Championship medallist. We are passionate about all things sport and will do our best to ensure an experience of a lifetime for our clients.

Our mission is not to turn you into an Olympic champion.

We want to give you a taste of the freedom that water sports and skiing offer while you enjoy a fantastic time with your friends or family. We are absolutely convinced that you don’t need what some people call a talent for sports to have great fun. And we will do our best to prove that to you.

Ensuring a great experience. Seeing to your safety!

Tomáš Kobes is not only an instructor with extensive experience. He is also a tour guide as well as an organizer of half-day and full-day trips in Cape Verde, islands that became his second home due to the excellent conditions for windsurfing that they offer. In 2015, Tomáš was a tour guide who showed Miss Czech Republic finalists around the islands. He also helps tourists to find accommodation and choose the best car rental company.

If you are just about to get married and you want the ceremony to be really special, Tomáš will be pleased to organize the wedding for you, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the tropics for all the wedding guests.

Life is beautiful.
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