Windsurfing courses in South Bohemia

Glistening water, a summer breeze and the weight of wind stretching your sail – welcome to the wonderful world of windsurfing

Whether it's your first time trying to stand on a board, or you're picking up some new skills after years of windsurfing, we have a class that will fit your needs.  Courses are offered to adults as well as children. We are convinced it’s never too late to start.

Windsurfing lessons are provided on request.

Why travel too far when you can learn the basics of windsurfing in South Bohemia? If the weather permits, our courses take place by the Lipno Lake.
Alternatively, you can develop new skills under our guidance in a variety of exciting places such as Cape Verde.

Bring your own equipment if you have some. If you don’t, you can rent a high-quality JP Australia board or Neilpride sail from us at great rates.

Course A (for absolute beginners) 1h
  • hands-on introduction to the equipment
  • we get the basics right on the lakeshore
  • you achieve stability while on the board
  • you learn the basic 180-degree turn
  • we show you how to start easily and safely
This class, which teaches you the basics of windsurfing, usually lasts about an hour. Price is CZK 1000 per person.
Course B (for intermediate) 2h
  • you learn the 180-degree turn while windsurfing upwind
  • you improve your directional stability
  • you develop correct surfing positions
  • we practise starting techniques
  • we provide you with lots of interesting safety tips and tricks
The course takes approximately 2 hours and is designed for those who have either taken our Course A or have at least limited experience with windsurfing. Price is CZK 2000 per person. If you also order Course A, you only pay the difference in the price.
Course C (for intermediate) 3h
  • we practise starting and turning upwind as well as improve balance while windsurfing
  • you learn windsurfing manoeuvres (surfing upwind, turning the tip of the board in the direction of the wind)
Training offered by Course C takes 3 hours. The price is CZK 3000 per person. If you have taken Courses A+B, you only pay the difference in the price.
Course D,E,F (for advanced) 5h
  • you learn technically demanding moves (gybe, heli tack)
  • participants are introduced to the principles of going in the harness and hooking in
he course is offered at the price of CZK 5000 per person. The total amount of time dedicated to teaching you these skills is 5 hours.

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